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Spartan Training


I recently found an interesting site that was about Spartan Health Regime. The guy had some pretty radical ideas, alot which I agreed with. I was thinking about buying the package that he offers, but I wanted to see if any of you guys have heard of this. Maybe you could give me any info you know of about this guy Anthony Bova and his program. I do believe some of the current UFC fighters follow this program or at least a program with a similar name. Let me know.


I heard about that regime as well. I'd be interested to hear from people here regarding it. My guess is that it's probably something like the warrior diet.


Weston A Price diet + Dinosaur Training. Not bad, actually.


Not familiar with Weston Price, but I know for a fact that Dino training works wonders!


Checking our Prices website. Some intersting ideas, some sound similar to things we've seen on T-Nation.


A friend got the spartan program a few years ago and loaned it to me, there is plenty to read most is in fact dinosoure training I think you are better off doing some of the programs in the T-Nation site and it will save you a lot of money as I think the spartan advert is better than the program.
just my two cents Fluffy


I've bought it and am using it now. The basic premise is that we should copy the habits of healthy, warrior societies. Eat only natural foods (in fact your diet should be 50% or more fruit), with the meat a rare delicacy. Each day begins with a run and great emphasis is placed on preparing your body for combat.
I'd say: it's worth the $$$ for the e-book. A good read with lots of good info.


Wow, meat is bad, huh?


No the book definitely doesn't say that, I don't know where he got that from.