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Spartacus: Vengance


What a terrible thing when Andy Whitfield passed away. I really liked him in his character. I was leery of the new guy they chose but it is amazing how much he looks like him.

Here is a link.


Whoops, and it is scheduled for JANUARY 2012


RIP Andy Whitfield...

Spartacus continues to be awesome, and I'll be home (from Afghanistan) in time to see the newest installment!

Didn't even know this was going on, thanks OG!


Thanks for your service!

I must say I am selfish in that I do love how they dress the male characters in this show.


I truly enjoy how the females in the show dress as well... so there is something for both my wife and I to enjoy (she loves the show as well).


Wow strange, I got off work early today and I just turned on the last few episodes of Blood and Sand on my Blu-Ray and this thread was the first thing I saw as I logged onto T-Nation.

1.22, Gannicus(sp?)FTW!

I still have that nagging fear that it won't be a shadow of B&S though. I found Gods of the Arena to be pretty stale overall(with smatterings of awesome thrown in) but I knew that was just filler material to make some extra cash so I didn't pay too much attention to it.

RIP Andy Whitfield. To be honest I never found the Spartacus character all that interesting but Whitfield's portrayal of him was fantastic. An absolute pleasure watching him on screen. Spoke volumes of the man's ability


Here is another trailer


I'm looking forward to this. Thanks for posting the videos.


One week away from the premier. Apparently this season is only 10 episodes, which sucks immensely. I imagine it will climax with Spartacus killing Glaber and hopefully Ilithyia.

It's very surprising that Lucretia is still alive. I don't see what part she can possibly play in this now. I won't complain about seeing Lucy Lawless' big pink nipples for another season though.

My wife and I just finished re-watching Blood and Sand last night. It is one of the most satisfying television shows I've ever seen. Just awesome in every way.

It's going to be very hard to get over not having Andy Whitfield as Spartacus. It sucks that he died so young. He really did well in this role. It probably would have lead him to a pretty good career in Hollywood too.


I just finished watching blood and sand a few weeks ago and was blown away. After the brutality of the first episode I was hooked. Then a dude cuts a guys face off and wears it and I thought "wow cant get much more brutal than that."

Then they show a guy with his dick cut off and I thought "well I was wrong." I had no idea the main character passed away. I agree Steel it wont be the same watching season 2 without him. Atleast crixus will be there and the women.


The most brutal scene was where Aurelia stabs Numerius in the face like 100 times. She went fucking psychotic for like 10 seconds and it was terrifyingly awesome.

Yes the guy in the pits that wore people's faces was awesome as well. That was when I really started getting into the show. I thought it was a little slow for the first few episodes, but that's where the plot really started to gain momentum.


Did you see the prequel episodes? They are really good too. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena


RIP Andy indeed.

But if STARS continue to churn out blood and nudity 40 years from now I will still be watching it with glee. Can't wait for this ^^



They are not necessarily required viewing for Vengeance though. But you will have no idea who the hell Gannicus is. His relationship with Melitta and Doctore (Oenomaus) is going to come up at some point, I'm sure.


Trailers are looking goooooood. Thanks for sharing.

Looking forward to see the new series. And the fights scenes... and the gore... and the sexy naked gladiators... and sexy naked women... and the sex...


I dont have stars so I plan on watching the prequels before the new series comes out on DVD. I dont think ill be dissapointed.


Looking forward to this, big time!


First episode is free! http://www.starz.com/originals/spartacus/Videos/#/episode-201
It was very good.


Thanks! Just watched it. It was good.


Good episode and start to the season. It did take me a wee while to get into it mind you, so many names thrown around that I couldn't remember and so many new faces. But by the end I was well hyped!