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Sparring Equipment

I’m taking Shingitai Jiu-jitsu and our classes involve a lot of striking. Fists, palms, elbows, knees, various kicks, etc. Up to this point we’ve been using punch mits, thai pads, and punch/kick shields. My coach said we’re going to start sparring soon and suggested we look at getting some shin guards, headgear, and a chest guard. I want to get some good pads, but I don’t want to spend a fortune on this stuff. The sparring will be light at first, but I’m sure we’ll end up cranking it up. We’ll be working judo throws and takedowns into the sparring too, so I’m looking for something that I can move around in but provides a some decent protection for me and my training partners. Any advice on brands and sizing (if I buy online)? I’m 5’10", 195.


Can you buy through your school at a discount? Some places do bulk orders for their fighters, it means not having much say in brand/color, but the price is usually pretty good.

If not, I think the Warrior pads are a good middle of the road compromise between the crap you can find at sports authority and the professional stuff. If you can spend a little more, I’m using the Hyabusa Kenpeki headgear and I love it (I don’t use shin pads though, so can’t comment on those).

In general, full grain leather > almost anything else for durability and comfort. Body and head protection is generally one size and adjustable, anything with sizing and sold online should have a size chart.

Cool, thanks for the input. I’ve got some warrior focus mits and muay thai pads, and like them.

We’re a small club, so no discount there.

I like Twins Shin pads the most. A little bulky but if you kick a lot and check a lot, by far the best protection.

Fairtex, the best in market