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Hey all,

I have a couple of questions and things I need to tips on and I think hearing the knowledge of others would be a big help. I am 24 yrs old and 5'10, 165-170lbs

1) I am a soccer player and because I do a lot of cardio, my metabolism is very high and I am ALWAYS hungry. I don't like starving myself and know that I need to ingest a lot of calories to sustain my muscle but I find that my hunger is never satisfied and at times I think I wind up overeating. In structuring some sort of food plan, I find that most of the articles on here are for guys who want to get bigger..I on the other hand want to get leaner and drop weight.

I dont know if this is possible but is there a way for me to ingest less calories yet feel "full" from eating my meals. How many calories does my body need per day based on my activity level?

2) I noticed in my ab development that my upper ab region is a lot more visible than my lower ab region. I thought fat distribution in the body is more or less evenly distributed but I guess Im wrong. Is there a way to work the lower abs more so that they become more visible? Also, how can I make the grooves in between each "box" in my abs be deeper and more defined.

3) Lately when doing lower abs, I get a sharp pain on my left side a couple of inches away from the left side of my groin. I got it checked out and the doctor said that it was not a hernia...any idea of what it could be and how to heal it?

I thank you in advance for all of your responses. Please contribute in a meaningful way if you have some applicable help.



As to the pain in your lower left stomach area. How long after eating are you training those muscles? Also, what are you eating? I had the exact same thing occur to me several years ago and it was more of a digestion problem. Sounds odd, but it was true in my case.


I usually wait a few hrs between working out and eating. I don't think it is a digestive problem but who knows. What did they diagnose your problem as and how did they remedy it?>


To be really fast as I am heading out as we speak.

1) Feeling full. Lots of good veggies I think could be your answer here. Some fruit on occasion also.

2) no real way to target fat loss to a specific area. PPl do store more in certain areas than others but to lower it in one region you have to lower it everywhere, Some areas just go last.

Good lower ab work out. Heavy weighted decline sit ups and leg raises with added weight work for me on this. Remember to concentrate on using your abs for the movement and not your hip flexors. This comes with fell and experience. You will get to know if you are using abs or hips more.

3) sorry but I really cant help you here wish I could.

Hope that help[s and good luck


Aren't fruits and vegetables easily digested and thus make one feel fuller for a shorter amount of time? I thought insoluble fiber was better...no?


The fiber in fruits and veggies will slow the digestion to a point and keep you fuller longer.

All fiber is good, but yes generally speaking insoluble is better, which fruits and veggies have some.

Plus you said you wanted to feel full. Have you ever taken the time to see how much broccoli it takes to equal just 100 k/cals. You will be full.

Hope that helps.