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Spanish Lesson?


my girlfriend and I are traveling to vacation in the dominican republic in april.
besides gracias, el bano, denada, addios
what other spanish words would you suggest we learn.
I don't need to learn fluent spanish since we will be spending all of our time on a resort. My real concern is that a huge majority of the people who live there speak spanish as their primary (and sometimes only) language. I feel it would be respectful to learn some words in spanish.


Cerveca: beer.

Donde es el Bano?: where is the bathroom. (I dont know how to put the tilde over the N, but its pronounced "ban-yo")

no hablo espanol: I dont speak spanish.

Yo soy el motherfuckin fuerza destructora, ramera! : IM THE MOTHERFUCKIN JUGGERNAUT BITCH!




Hmmm...a majority of the people there speak spanish...more like everyone since it is dominican republic? Sorry but you just kind of set yourself up. Another fer useful words; el restaurante= restaurant. Gimnasio=gym. Comida=food.


cerveza: "sir-bay-sa" (just so he can say it, rrjc)

Cuanto cuesta el_____?: How much is the_____? "koo-an-toe quest-ta L _______"

You will probably need this if you go out of your hotel:
No estoy interesado: Im not interested."No s-toy in-tay-ray-za-tho"

Soy Rick James, perra.


? oye mulata, quieres acostarte con nosotros?

say this to one of them fine ass creole Dominican chicks - see what happens.

FYI - it's an invite to a threesome.



some more that will come in handy:

playa = beach

discoteca = nightclub

tetas enormes = big ass titties

culo = azzzzzzzzzzzzz/ booty -

you're gonna see a lot of that where you're going. Try not to get caught looking.

tanga = thong


hola nina, como estas? = hey baby whats up
Te qiero = I want/love you
donde vive usted? =where do you live?
qual es su numero de telephono?= what is your telephone number?

wait, you're going WITH a girl. In that case.

No toca me amiga = don't touch my girl
qual es su problema hombre = what is your problem dude
creo que yo tango el curso = I think I have the shits
el hombre loco esta muy borracho = that crazy guy is really drunk.

If I think of more I will let you know.


I think argonaut is a better word, more in line with my western european background.

yo soy uno de los argonautes chingana, cabron =
I am one of the fucking the argonauts, bitch.


When you see a girl with "tetas grande", yell outloud..CHICHIS CHRIST!




Too Expensive- Muy caro

How much is it-Cuanto cuesta eso?



how much for blowing me - cuanto por una mamada


  1. You aren't going to learn anything by asking here. Some words aren't real, some grammar is painfully bad, and unless you learn the difference between spanish and english phonemes, no one is going to understand a thing you are saying. For phrases, get a dictionary. For proper pronunciation, take a class.

  2. The negative attitude towards women in resort areas is a large part of why the locals hate tourists. I wouldn't be surprised if it was directly related to some incidents I've heard of. Going to someone's house and disrespecting their women is a good way to get yourself into unpleasant situations.





ummm... I think most of us were just trying to be funny. I can't imagine someone trying to use the spanish they got from a bodybuilding website. For crist sakes every bookstore in earth has a million spanish books and cd's. If he really cared he would aready be learning some.

Locals everywhere hate tourist, just for being tourist and doing touristy things. Resorts are no different. And I'm pretty sure disrespecting women anywhere, in any culture, can get you in trouble. Not just in the Dominican Republic while in a house next to a resort using bad spanish.

I give your post a 0 out of 10 possible points


Here's a tip: If you're not Mexican don't ever use the slang verb "chingar" or any of its variants.

Not only is it crude, but coming from a non-Mexican, especially a non-Hispanic white boy, you'll just sound like a complete tool.

Oh yeah, Caribbean hispanics don't tend to hold Mexicans in the highest regard, so keep that in mind before dropping Mexican slang in the DR.



I think most people are just joking here hombre. If someone was truly interested in learning spanish there are plenty of resorces on the web, at the library, and at any book store. Also, locals hate tourist just for being tourist. No matter how they act or what they do. Furthermore, I'm almost certain that it is considered bad form to disrespect women an any country, regardless of what language they speak, or their proximity to a resort.

I give your post a 0 out of 10 points



should have everything you want to know about spanish.


oof. what grammatical butchery of my parents' mother tongue.

some phrases - like I'm the juggernaut bitch - lose everything in the translation. No one uses "motherfuckin" as an emphasis in Spanish. "juggernaut" there is no single word - it's a phrase - so it kind of kills it. Transliteration is not translation.


"donde esta el banyo"


My post is a joke. I know "Im the motherfuckin juggernaut bitch" loses all of its meaning in translation. I hope you were able to tell that was at least a joke.

Also unnecessary: cerveva.

I also forgot to put "esta" instead of "es" in my "donde esta el bano?"


Cuanta grasa tengo? = What is my body fat?