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Spammers Suck and I'm Fricken Sick of It!!


I have to say that I come to these forums to get some good info and all I get are fricken spam. I can say this because it's not good but some other sites are outta control with it. Every single thread/post/burp/fart is nothing but a SCAM-SPAM! It's not bad enough that they turned their forum into a fuck_ing commercial/ad but now they have taken the show on the road and are spamming that piece of shi_t higher power line of theirs to other forums! I now see it on BN's forum which is a total joke also! Hopefully this one can stay objective with their content. Had to vent, sorry!


I have no idea wtf ur talking about. T-Nation is the best website ever and there is never any spam.


Is this as incoherrent as it seems? BN's forum? Barnes & Noble?