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Spaghetti and Pasta

Looking around at GI charts, one sees different kinds of spaghetti and other pasta occupying all sorts of different places on it. So-called “protein-enriched” spaghetti has a GI of under 40, while “durum” spaghetti is almost 90.

How do I indentify the lower GI ones? What counts as protein-enriched? (I don’t think they mean the kind put out by Atkins and MetRx.) Any specific brands that you know?

Thanks for any and all help!

Hi, Jason, I’ve seen protein-enriched and low-carb pasta in the health food store. You should be able to find a lower GI pasta there.

durum is not the wheat pasta is it? i eat wheat pasta which is whole wheat non processed, fibrous, etc

Where do you guys find these GI charts (or II charts)? Can you tell me of a website that has one? Thanks.

Look for pastas made from Quinoa and Kamut. They are much healthy than regular pastas. You can get both at any health food store, wild oats, trader joes etc

Many low carb products use soy flour, if you are concerned about it.

Once you grind a grain into flour, you almost double the GI, regardless of the grain used. Durum is a type of wheat with a high gluten content.

I would try the quinoa pasta that Mike Mahler recommended, as quinoa is a good source of protein.

Thanks for the info. I see that quinoa is the only grain that is a complete protein, at least according to the one or two website I visited.

Patman, if you just type “glycemic index” into google you’ll find a shitload of GI charts. II charts, on the other hand, are hard to get hold of. I’ve only seen one, and it was very general with few listings. I really hope those science fellas get to work on it soon

watch out most of the protein enriched pastas are done with soy…ICK