Spacing Out Sheiko's program

Recently downloaded the Sheiko app. It assigned me a program based on the maxes I input when first opening the app. That program is 4 days per week. Bench/squat, bench dead, bench/squat, bench/dead. Right now I’m waiting for day 3 and I’ve got it set up like this so far: Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat.

Would anyone recommend a different split up of days?

***Im really not interested in whether or not anyone thinks I should or shouldn’t be doing Sheiko. I’m giving it a shot, just curious about splitting up the days.

I don’t think it matters which days of the week you train, if that is what you are asking

I guess I’m concerned with the last two days. Having two days in a row like that. But there really isn’t any other way to split it without at least two days touching.

That is correct. You’ll be fine just make sure you sleep and eat enough

Hey man, you really shouldn’t be doing Sheiko! What are you thinking?

Now that we got that out of the way, what are you concerned about with regards to training two days in a row? Is the overall volume too high for you or are you not used to training full body without days off between workouts? If the volume is too high then I believe that you can choose a lower volume program on the Sheiko app. If you just aren’t used to deadlifting the day after squatting and benching two days in a row then don’t worry, you will get used to it after a couple of weeks. Remember that you are just doing a lot of volume, not going for rep maxes or anything like that, so you don’t have to be fully recovered for each session. Sheiko is the most successful coach in the history of powerlifting, if you can’t trust him then nobody can help you.

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Haha. Perfect.

And yeah, it’s the deadlift/squat thing that worries me. But that makes sense about less intensity and not needing to be all the way healed. I’m putting full trust in the program. It auto assigned based on my max numbers and I’m just gonna ride it to the end while I learn about programming for myself. It just doesn’t specify how to split it up so I wanted to see if there was anyone more knowledgeable about that aspect.

I echo what was said above. Get LOTS of rest and calories. They are long sessions. It certainly will test you. Good luck!

Also remember what Boris has said about his programs, you have to tailor it to you as it is a general program. They aren’t written with you in mind.

So I’ve finished the medium load prep cycle 1. I’m at the end of week 3 of medium load prep cycle 2.

I’m going all the way through the medium load comp cycle.

Then I will hit large load prep cycles 1-3 and comp cycle. I like the program. I do feel like I’m getting stronger. However I think a lot of people exaggerate the volume involved. It’s a good workout. It hasn’t tested me to the point where I think I can’t make it through. Just putting that out there for anyone debating the program. Cycle 2 literally doubles the volume of cycle 1. And I feel great. I’m sure cycle 1 prepped me for it, but again, at no point have I ever been overwhelmed. Perhaps it’s a lot of volume if you’re coming off a 5/3/1 program or 5x5. Something basic.

Last note. I decided to just go with an every other day approach, not confined to an actual week. This causes the days of the week that I lift to rotate, but it gives equal rest periods throughout. I started this after I tried to cram 4 days in one week with equal rest periods. It’s just more convenient for every other day.

“And I feel great”

I could always eat more than I actually do. And I have a 4 'month old son who disrupts my sleep multiple times/night. I eat/take protein, sleep as much as I can (which I promise is less than everyone else) and drink my water. And I’m fine. I think I’ll hit my goals on all three lifts next time I test