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Spacing Out My Last Shot


So I am supposed to inject my last 2 cc's of Test E today and I would begin my SERM pct on Wednesday in 2 weeks. But the problem is that Spring Break starts not this Monday, but the next. I am going to Florida and my diet will probably be shitty and I'll more than likely be drinking too much lol. So if I stay with the plan I will be doing the first week of my PCT on Spring break, in less than optimal conditions.

I have been injecting every Wednesday and Saturday. So my question is can I hold out on this final shot until like saturday or so, so I won't have to run my PCT and be completely androgen free during a shitty period of diet/exercise?

Or will that make my blood levels fluctuate to much and not be beneficial?



PCT is to help to get the natty levels up.

shooting a large amount (500 i assume) would only taper off to low levels in 5 days leaving you suppressed and not fucking any girls! you can booze it up tho..


lol, I plan on doing both so I need my libido!

So you are saying just go ahead and do my shot tonight and stick with the original plan?


still need clarification please :slightly_smiling:


I hate to say this, because it's just depressing.

But, with all else being equal, the MOST important part of any cycle is the PCT. It's better to have a shit/weak cycle and keep the lot than have a brutal mass-fest and piss it all away due to poor planning.

I'd suggest that you use those last 2ccs of yours and cruise at 100-150mgPW with your SERM. This should give you anabolic support during springbreak and still allow you to begin recovery. I'm not saying to do a full-blown taper, just cruise as above and then continue with your no-test SERM PCT as planned.


If only I had more test I would do that :frowning:


No way to get more in a week? Can you go local? You'll pay a hefty price, but it sounds like staying on is a better option.


So you've injected your last 2ccs now? Do you have any orals? PHs? Anything? Bottom line is you do NOT want to begin recovery under the circumstances you mentioned above. I'd even go as far to say that if you can't stay "on" during spring break, then ditch spring break...

I once began a short cycle and had to stop early due to a load of unforseen shit - it was only about 3 weeks long because of this.

I jumped straight on my tamoxifen and did everything right from the drug standpoint, but my diet, sleep, and gym-going ability led me to not only to completely fuck up my gains, but end up worse off than when I started the cycle. A LOT worse off.