Spacing Meals - College

Okay, I just started school today, and I need to figure out how to space out my meals. If you haven’t heard, I’m 6’4", about 200ish. Here is what my schedule looks like:

#1 Wake up
#2 Big breakfast (2 whole eggs, 5 egg whites, bowl of cereal with fiber, 2 pieces of toast with butter, glass skim milk)
#3 Now on Monday and Wednesday, my first class isn’t until 1:00 pm, and it runs consecutively with my 2nd, so I get out of school by 3:50. On those two days I’m planning on eating a 2nd meal after my breakfast, consisting of tuna/hamburger/chicken, salad, nuts possibly? On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I go in at 11, my first class ends at 12:20, I have an hour and 45 mins to kill before my 2nd. On those days I plan on only eating my breakfast, having my 2nd meal after my first class.

#4 Workout, now my question is, on half the days basically, I’ll have time to workout between classes, on the others, it would have to be after. Is it important to always workout at the same time, or is it no biggie to workout at 1ish on some days, and 4ish on others? Cause that would be ideal.

#5 I plan on eating 45 mins before my workout, some tuna/chicken/beef, salad and something else, not sure what.

#6 I then workout at the school gym. Possibly do some HIIT. 3 scoops surge.

#7 An hour later, eat again, chicken, veggies, ??? not sure what else

#8 By this time I will be between 5-7 in the day, with room enough for probably 2 more meals before I got to bed.

Does this appear to make sense? I’m trying to get a set schedule so I can easily follow it, and get massive. I think school is gonna help me with budgeting my time and making sure I eat. If you see any glaring errors, or want to tweak my meal contents, please do.

I’m a fellow college/iron type from upstate ny. So is my wife.

I’m by no means a PH.d at this, but I can tell you a little of the way we do it to help ya out hopefully.

We choose to workout at 5am. I know it’s sick. Our first class isn’t till 10am.
I don’t think it matters what time you lift. Hell, it might spawn more growth to change it up. Just be certain to nail the entire body through out the week and don’t miss a body part.
Meals. Oh yes, we’re the tuperwear king and queen. We bring all our food. Here is a few of our common mixes.
Chicken/wild rice
tuna/wild rice
tuna/multi-grain crackers
hard-boiled eggs/multigrain bread
Those are for school. At home we’re more civilized.
5am - coffee, powerbar
7am -post workout - creatine/protein drink with glutamine mixed in
9am -just before take off - oats/hardboiled eggs
7pm - arrival home - tuna/salad or salamon/salad
9pm - bed time - protein drink with glutamine
Then at school we have 3 to 4 meals.
It’s dynamic for us, never the same, something is always changing. But basically we never go over 3 hrs without eating. After that the body turns catabolic on ya.(Some say 4 hrs). But we try for every 2 hrs.
We eat on the tail gate of our truck.
Remember that the body needs constant protein/carbs/fats. Tuna doesn’t have any fat. Salamon, sardines, herring contain massive amounts of omega -3’s. You need those to keep body fat down and anabolism to continue.
Alright, I’ve blabbed enough. Let me know if I said something stupid, I’ll try to correct it.
Best of luck. You walk a wicked path bro.

Hey like Owen said, its all about lugging tupperware around. Some of my meals are cold pre cooked chicken breasts and dry oats; put some cold water from the drinking fountain on your oats and youre ready. Or tuna and precooked sweet potato … a little goofy to begin with but you get used to it. The key is finding stuff that holds well after cooking or can be heated up in a second. Look for student lounge/study centers lots of times they have a snack area with free microwaves which makes life much easier. Take care and good luck man.