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Spaceshuttle breaks up

For the cavedwellers out there the space shuttle Columbia came apart this morning when it was reentering the atmosphere at 200,000ft, 12,000mph. 7 crew members were on board at the time. CNN’s story on it here:


I caught it on MSNBC about an hour after it happened. At first I thought that they were just showing footage of the Challenger, but then I realized what had happened. How sad.

We bodybuilders are supposed to be so tough.

Well I can tell you right now, I feel like crying. I love space exploration. So many role models lost today…so incredibly sad…

 It's a job requirement - You need to know it's a very real possibility that a catastrophe CAN happen when you undertake something this big. 
 It pisses me off 7 good guys ended up dying in the midst of an incredible accomplishment. We're earthlinks, not 'spacelinks', but we still have the balls to go up there and establish an increasingly stronger presence. I guess we feel the same way as if a leader was shot down. In a way it was.

DIESAL, you just described EXACTLY the way I feel. If it were a plane crash, I hate to say it, but I would not feel as bad.

But the fact that 7 true Hero’s dies, makes it horrible, I feel like I lost something. Idols, Role Models, people we look up to. They were our Leaders.

Let’s try to remember there accomplishments, in the Military, as AeroSpace Engineers, as one of the first humans to go to space, as pioneers. And Let’s take 1 key thing away from them, work hard and you can accomplish anything! There were Black, White, Jewish, Indian Hindhu on board. It signifies that we all are humans and together can accomplish anything.

Let’s all learn from them, and take away from them all these things including there Heroic Bravery.