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Space Quest Series


Anyone still remember these great games?
Roger Wilco for the win!
The greatest space janitor of all time.

Damn, those game were funny and atmospheric as hell.

Apart from the Larry series, these games have really shaped my character.


Aside from Monkey Island and Indiana Jones, Space Quest is one of my favorites.


I loved that series of games! I can still whistle the theme song. . .


LOVED all those quest games from Sierra. Kings Quest, Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, they even made a Black Cauldron game in that format and it was awesome.

Agreed that the Space Quest series was especially good.

And the best part of all those youtube walkthroughs is that you get to re-live the game without having to locate a working copy and manual (remember all those recipes in King's Quest III??) etc.


Those were the good old days of gaming. My favourites were the Hero's Quest/Quest for Glory series.

With a few notable exceptions, they don't write games as well as they used to.