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Soynuts: Good or Bad?

I’m sitting at the computer here and there is a big container of Soynuts in front of me from Costco.

Nature’s Select
Dry Roasted Soynuts
Lightly salted
“the Protein That Goes CRUNCH!”

I am bulking if that helps. Ingredients are soybeans, salt, less than 2% canola oil.

You should research the effects of soy and decide from yourself.


Consensus seems to be neither good nor bad but potentially bad. I personally eat soy every so often like in chinese food but as a large component of your diet for gaining muscle, it may not be such a great idea.

-My 2 cents

I heard they’ll make you effeminate. :slight_smile:

a lot of people in north america and the western world in general have a soy allergy/sensitivity without even realizing it

when i see “soy protein” or soy products in general pushed on the north american public “as a vegetarian alternative and for improved health” i just want to scream because most of our ancestors were not raised on anything even remotely related to soy, and now you find soybean oil and some form of soy protein in almost every damn thing in the supermarket