The article today inspired me to tell a story about Soyboy, a nickname I have given a kid at work. Soyboy is a 21 year old skinnyfat kid that I work with who lives on,no lie, what he calls pump cheese snadwiches,and Soy pups(a tofu hotdog).The pump cheese sandwiches are something he gets from Arbies and all it is,is a white bread bun,filled with that processed liquid pump cheese that they use.
He eats those atleast 3 times/week,and the other days he eats 2 tofu hotdogs on white buns.Well anyway me being a good T-Man I of course am always at lunch with him eating beef,chicken,fish etc…I constantly hear how unhealthy I am,how I am going to be fat etc…Of course he will never step up when I ask him if he would like if we both took our shirts off and asked the ladies at work who has the nicer,more pleasing looking body.
He also says that the girls at school just love the fact that he is a vegie,but then when I ask him how many he has gotten with he says just one,so I have to go on and explain that these girls think he is gay and girls just Loooove talking to safe,gay guys.
I guess this turned into a bit of a rant,but like I say its just a story about this Yo-Yo who I am determined to get into the gym,and eating meat…Oh yeah I left out one detail I am always asking him to workout with me,but he says “why would I wanna look all sterioded up and huge” so I have to explain to him that with his shitty diet he does’nt have to worry about ever getting that look!!!

Print him out that Poison Protein article from a few week’s ago.

If you really want to help him, tell him to get off his lazy ass and start visiting veg websites and start taking rice protein if is going to lift and stay vegan. If not, whey protein is cool.

Have him read Fit For Life or FFL Solution for rational, well researched veg books.

THere is no point to staying vegetarian if your diet isn’t primarily fruits and veggies!!!

He may also need small amounts of meat once he starts lifting-some people just feel crappy if they don’t have meat 1 or 2x a week.

Tell him to limit soy to fake meat products and tell him you’ll shoot him if he ever eats that processed cheese shit again!!

There is no excuse for being ignorant

He can also Google “Mike Mahler” and ‘bbing’ or ‘weight lifting’ or ‘diet’ and find some good stuff out there.