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Soybean Oil??

Whats the negatives of this stuff, its in a lot of stuff (and im not talking about the hydorgentated kinds I know that stuff is shit for you ((trans fatt)) but soybean oil in supplements like a soybean oil coating etc etc…are there any negative side effects?

well for starters

  1. very high in omega 6, higher than canola and close to sunflower oil i believe

  2. if you have a soy allergy (which is very common in north america and soy byproducts are in EVERYTHING) then stay the hell away, i’m one of these people

i looked at the tuna selection at the supermarket and half of them were in “vegetable broth” instead of just “water”

and guess what the “vegetable” was…soy

everything that you see with soybean oil now like mayonnaise, margarines, pasta sauces and salad dressings all used to be with canola oil or sunflower oil, but the food industry needs to cut their costs somehow right ? points finger at tons of farmers growing soybeans in north america

corn and soy are stuffed into every damn thing you find in the supermarket these days and i don’t just mean the “packaged” foods