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Soybean oil =Cheaper alternative?

I was looking at flaxseed oil at GNC.
It costs ~$12.It had plenty of polyunsaturated fat(omega 3s and 6s) and little monounsaturated fat.

Today I was at HEB and I came across the oil section…of course,they didn’t sell flaxseed on shelves there but I came across one that had plenty of polyunsat as opposed to plenty of monounsat(like olive oil).It was SOYBEAN oil…1 tbsp has 1-2g saturated,8g polyunsaturated,4g monounsaturated.And it costs ~$3.I was thinking to myself,why have I never heard THIS oil mentioned before? So I was wondering,is it really a cheaper alternative or is flaxseed far superior? If flax is better,why?

This little tidbit comes from the interview with Udo Erasmus (Man on a Mission) in issue 98. “But some of the oils which are considered to be ‘good,’ like olive and canola oils, have also been processed by destructive methods. actually, all supermarket oils, except for extra-virgin olive oil, fit into this category. […] Supermarket oils are treated with Drano window-washing acid bleach in order to give them a long shelf life. They’re treated with a corrosive base, corrosive acid, then bleached to clean up the rancidity.” If you haven’t read that interview, it’s worth checking out.

LMAO!That is a great way to get his point across.

WEll,I’ll check it out.Thanks man!