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Soya Oil and Fish Caps


I was reading the ingredients on my Sardines package. and it has Soya Oil has one of the ingredients, I've heard numerous times that soya oil is bad for you...so i guess i should stop eeating sardines or something?
Also regarding mercury (i read that article a few days ago) with tuna and all. What about fish body oil caps, do they have mercury and such too and should I be careful? I take 6 a day (2 with each meal)



Get a different brand of Sardines. My local grocer has several different "types" of sardines packed in everything from hot sauce to water to some type of oil (soy, olive, sunflower, etc.).

Generally, the fish oil shouldn't contain mercury as mercury isn't "fat soluable" (sp?) and won't store in the fat. They are supposedly only stored in the muscle (meat) tissues. However, if it's a big deal, look for fish oil that is "Molecularly Distilled" as this is supposed to have all the contaminates removed and be a pure product.