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Check this shit out, what do you all think?


i was wondering if i was going to find anything on the forum tonight that would make me laugh and i had almost given up, then i found this post and i just couldnt hold back the laughter!!
the site says soy is good for you!!! it says soy will make you feel good!!! what a crock of testosterone-lowering shit!!! hahahaha

If anyone can read the three articles on soy at T-mag and still use it (male or female) then he/she is just blind or ignoring reality. Another good info site on soy is here: www.soyonlineservice.co.nz

well soy is not all bad. It has some benefits for postmenopausal women as an alternative to estrogen pills.

The European Society for Human Reproduction is actually studying the effects of soy at lowering testosterone and affecting male fertility. Avoid like the plague

You ealise that sthe european work so far has shown no effect on reproductive function

Hey aaron, do you eat soy? Because I think it’s having an effect on your spelling.