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Soy: The Whole Story

Just got into reading the E-book and i must say just the first chapter alone gives great perspective of soy, its value and invalue, and since 1927 has been tried and marketed in the US but not till recently really hit it big. Just skimming through i found some crazy stuff. If anyone likes to read and wants a great argument against soy pick this book up. If you dont like to read, and want to eat soy in excess go away hehe.

Thanks for the report, Funk. Just a note, the author is going to send us some hardback copies for the T-Jack Reports feature we’ll be starting hopefully soon. So, at least five forum users will get a copy for free.

Her interview is in this week’s issue for those who haven’t read it yet.

Can I ask where Dr. Daniel recieved her PhD?

According to her site (linked in the article), Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH. I think she got her PhD just last week.

Thanks man. I was looking in the wrong spot on her site… oops…

The interview alone had great information in it, I am definitely going to read the book. I tried to tell my mother that the soy milk was a bad idea…Hey, she listened to me now. Of course she is now afraid that something terribly wrong is going to happen to her.

Might be a good time to tell my nutrition professor about it! Seems she always use soy as an example for everything…

Interesting stuff for sure. I may actually buy the book even though I need no convincing that soy is bad. Just the taste of the stuff should be a clue! Once out of curiousity I bought some soy milk, and also because I have some lactose intolerance (BTW, Lactaid works wonders for this; I can eat just about all the dairy I want as long as I take Lactaid). Soy milk is a truly vile substance! And I never really liked beans of any kind. Guess my body was trying to tell me something.

Soy milk is nasty stuff. You probably noticed just from the color Mike. It looks like what my dog left after it ate some of my fish oil. (crazy dog, I dropped 2 caps. and it ate them before I even blinked)