Soy & sumo wrestlers

Most asian guys aren’t Ronnie Coleman style because of all the soy stuff they eat, but how to sumo wrestlers get so big & strong?

Why do you think? You can eat all kinds of shity protein-YOU WILL STILL GET “BIG AND STRONG” IF YOU EAT 20,000+ CALORIES PER DAY AND SLEEP.

Most guys are not Ronnie Coleman style bcause, oh I don’t know, steorids? As for sumo wrestlers, do a search for chanko diet in t-mag.

are you implying that the only reason that ronnie coleman looks the way he does is because of his aas use?

Okay, I’m going to commit heresy here: much as I love T-Mag, and much as the information here is cutting edge and well-presented and all that, the fact is that the T-Mag staff doesn’t have a clue about Things Japanese.

(…pause as char-dawg waits for a lightning bolt to strike him dead…)

First, not all Japanese people consume tons of soy! Everyone clear on that? Good.

Next: Unless you’ve worked out in Japan, I suggest (respectfully, of course) that you shut your mouth about how big people are here. I work out in a small, local gym, and there are some amazing bodies here. Admittedly, most of them aren’t as big as their Western counterparts, but then most Japanese people aren’t as tall as their western counterparts. Pound for pound, cut for cut, the guys in my gym can stand up to the guys in any gym I’ve been in in America or Europe - and I’m from L.A. So it’s not like I haven’t been in a decent gym or anything. Oh, and these guys are natural. Guaranteed.

Finally, sumo wrestlers get big and strong because that’s what they want and that’s how they eat and train. You’d be amazed at some of the meals they eat. (There are TV shows on the subject every so often.) Being ripped has no place in their sport. Soy has nothing to do with it one way or the other. And also, Ronnie Coleman has one-in-a-billion genetics, which largely accounts for how he looks. "Most white guys aren’t Ronnie Coleman style because of … " What? Probably isn’t SOY, now is it?

Whew. Sorry for the rant. It’s been building up for a while now…

Well, first of all, you might want to research Sumo diets instead of making presumptions. Do a search on “chankonabe” and you’ll find their protein sources are varied just like everyone else’s: chicken, fish, beef. . . . sound familiar?

I don’t recall T-mag ever talking about how the Japanese eat, only TC basing his bulking diet on the chanko meal used by sumos. Also, I think the “how they eat” arguments often stem from comparing traditional diets with Westernized diets. Char-Dawg, is it pretty Westernized over there now? Fast food, etc?