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Soy.. Soy protein... Soy sauce?

So reading from the articles on Soy… I understand that soy is bad, but I emailed I think TC regarding soy SAUCE (who told me that soy sauce is fine since I use it for chinese cooking) AND… I read (I forget which article it is on this site) that while you can “eat soybeans” as a snack, do NOT drink soy protein shake. I don’t get it, what’s with the distinction made between soy sauce, eating soy beans (soy sprouts etc for that matter), and soy protein shake??? Aren’t they all SOY?



soy isn’t the problem, it’s the estrogenic properties of soy protein that are the culprit. Since soy sauce doesn’t contain any protein at all, just lots of sodium.

I’m guessing that soy beans contain some soy protein, but not much, so they are ok every so often.

Its all about the Isoflavones.

soy sauce is just flavored salt. Soy has phytoestrogens in it, which obviously mimic estrogen, which just so happens to be something you don’t want in your body, if you are male.

k I didn’t proof my post.

Soy sauce is ok, have all you want.

Fermenting soy bens seems to remove most of the isoflavones and “bad stuff” from soy. So, miso, soy sauce, natto, and tempeh should be alright. So all of you vegans out there can rejoice with a tempeh steak slathered in miso.