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Soy Sauce...


IS this stuff really as bad for you as SOY? I know soy is bad for you, but soy sauce, the black shit you put on chinese food. (I know chinese food is bad for you, but its very good with chicken breasts, tuna, etc...)

Any final word?


Why is soy bad for you? Maybe in larger doses, but having soy every now and then isn't bad.


For the amount of times I have the privelege of having good Japanese or Korean food, FUCK WORRYING ABOUT SOY SAUCE.

But seriously, if this is a staple in your diet, then worry about the sodium levels. Otherwise, enjoy life, eat good food. Eat tofu, eat white rice. In moderation, it'll affect you a lot less than you think. Leave your nutritional conscience at home and enjoy.


it messes with your insulin massively, search for Berardi and soy sauce, sure he's mentioned it


I would not worry about soy sauce. i believe Dave Barr said it doesn't have the same properties as soy.


Look people, for like the BILLIONTH time, the estrogenic isoflavones are only found in soy PROTEIN! Soy sauce isn't exactly GOOD for you, and it kinda funks with insulin sensitivity like another poster said, but it won't kill ya. Go ahead and use it, but like anything...in moderation.