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Soy Sauce, Soy Lecithin


I know soy is bad but my question is how bad is soy sauce and soy lecithin? Any and input is helpful. I'm fairly ignorant on the subject.



Soy sauce does not contain isoflavanes responsible for the "badness". I cannot imagine lecithin containing any as it is usually highly purified, and if it does, the amounts you would ingest would be negligeble (how much lecithin do you really eat per serving?).


When I was very young, an Aunt purchased lecithin in large bottles. She and my Uncle took a tablespoon a day. They were senior citizens, lean, strong and with it in every way. It continues to be one of the supplements I rotate through my life.


Yup, nothing to worry about with either.

And for bonus points, here's a relatively recent update on soy from John Berardi.