Soy rears its ugly head in the fresh fruit isle

I was skimming the paper this morning and this is what I saw “La longévité des fruits passe par le soya”. This almost made me shit my pants. What this means is that fruits can be made to last longer if they are covered in some sort of soy solution. The example the article gave is a kiwi that was made to last 37 days without going bad.

At the end some scientist from China said that this discovery will be enough to start the conservation of apples, tomatoes and peppers with a soy based solution. Sounds like a mans worst nightmare. The one food group that soy cannot touch has been added to the list of foods with soy additives. FUCK.

There was no mention of when this practice could or will be implemented in the mass markets. The article said that the research was mentioned in some review called New Scientist.

I think I`m going to start washing my fruit with soap.