Soy protein

Ok i just read Posion Protein and now i’m scared. If you read my earlier post you know i’m 14. Well when I was younger I ate a bunch of soy products. Do you think the soy will stop me from hitting puberty? I’m already 6 foot 2 and i shave and stuff, but people tell me I have a boyish look.

“I’m already 6’2 and I shave”

Please reconsider your question. The people that should be wondering are the 5’7 ones with as much body hair as a harbor seal.

Of course you have a boyish look you are 14, you are a boy. You have nothing to worry about if you are 6’2" and shaving @ 14.


your 14 you are a boy! im 27 years old and only 5’7. i dont think you have to wory about puberty much.

I think you’re fine bro. The only problem you have is your attitude. You can’t be scared about shit like this; you can’t change the past.

Having a non-aggressive attitude is going to be much more detrimental to your hormonal profile than any food.

dude, your 14, of course your going to have a boyish look, your not a man yet. I’ve seen very few 14 yr olds that really look like men, if I’ve ever seen one. Don’t worry, but if you are go to the doc and ask him to give you a blood test for test levels and different shit like that. I have consumed sizable amounts of soy in my past, actually supplemented with soy bars before my t-mag days, and as far as I know I’m fine. So moral is, don’t worry.

Whoa slow down Comet. If you’re already shaving and you’re up to 6’2" you’ve already done hit puberty. At 14, you’re probably starting to go through your adolescent stage of life.

Hey man, I don’t think you have anything to worry about, you’re 14 and already found this site so i assume you’ve read up on training and proper diet so just train smart and eat tons of whole foods and you’ll be fine. I was fed soy milk as a baby and seem to have turned out ok, and judging by the response to my last thread I guess everyone else turned out ok too…