Soy Protein

I’ve read some horrible things about the estrogenic effects soy protein can have on males. My question is, if I have some bars that have both whey & soy protein isolates…should I be worried? I’m not going to buy them again but I have 30 of them left and they were cheap and they taste good! I don’t want to end up with tits like Phil Mickelson!

Go ahead and finish off what you have. No worries. Just don’t make soy one of your staple proteins in the future. The reports are true and founded but a little every now and then won’t make a difference.
You won’t develop any of those “man boobs” either…They sure do look putrid on Phil though don’t they?

Don’t buy anymore, but you can save the bars for a day when you really need them.

Phil really is a bitch, isn’t he? I was watching the US Open and about puked.

haha so im not the only one who noticed phil’s boobies? but have you seen his wife? oh just look in the sports illustrated swimsuit issue a few years ago.

Is it bad if it’s just soy isolates? I don’t think isolate contains the isoflavones, the only culprit?