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Soy Protein?


I am fairly new to the iron game although I have heard about the negative effects of soy (i.e increasing estrogen levels in men) My goals are kinda mixed at the moment as I am trying to get strong and have a good physique. I have discovered that in a breakfast drink I have every morning there is 9 grams of soy protein. Is this enough to have a negative effect on me?


Honestly, I wouldnt worry about it so much, its not like you are basing an entire diet off of it. I am no expert either, but I wouldnt get too hung up on it. And, from one noob to another...keep it simple. Eat big, train big, sleep long, fuck bitches, and get money. Progress will come.



depending on the extraction process (soy bean->protein), most likely there are no phytochemicals left

try to avoid regular meals consisting stuff like tofu/soy milk etc

don't worry too much about the small things