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Soy Protein Isolate

Would 3 g a day of Soy protein isolate exert any damage to testosterone and raise estrogen levels in a male? I take a product that stabilizes my night time blood sugar that has 3 g of soy protein isolate.


Hows it going. I would personally not purchase any product that has Soy Isolate or anyother soy based protein as an ingredient. There are to many good choices out there in whole foods and Supplements such as Grow! that will “stabilize your night time blood sugars” as you say. You simply need a good mix of slow and fast digesting proteins.

As for the safety of it. Well I suggest you simply punch in “Soy Protein”, in the search function. You will get a ton of results.

Here is one excerpt from a recent article that may help.

[quote]T-Nation: Since soy is getting hard to avoid, is there a minimum intake you’d suggest? How many grams per day are okay?

Dr. Daniel: Total grams can be hard to calculate because of all the hidden soy in packaged and restaurant and deli foods. This type of soy can be avoided by preparing fresh, whole foods from scratch.

I?d say that people who are healthy can safely eat several small servings of soy foods per week, preferably the old-fashioned foods such as miso, tempeh and natto. They can also safely use shoyu or tamari soy sauce as a condiment. Those are found at health food stores and are far superior to the soy sauces sold at supermarkets. I wouldn’t exceed an average of 36 grams per day ? an amount equivalent to what?s ordinarily eaten in Japan, which is the country with the highest soy consumption in Asia. [/quote]

With all the hidden soy and such, I say that is as good a reason as any to not intentionally purchase anything you know has soy.

Hope this Helps,