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Soy Protein: How Bad Is It?

Hey guys whats going on…

I got a quick question, Ive noticed all the talk about soy and how it’s not great. After reading what a lot of you have to say, and the article on here about soy protein im a little stuck. You see im a high school athlete, wrestling to be exact and I find myself buying the EAS 6 pound bags of protein from Costco, because the fact its so cheap for how much it is, and easy for me. I just recently noticed however that soy protein is a major ingredient in there. So my question is how bad is this really for someone in my shoes, being just too maintain all the gains Ive made in the off-season.

Quick run down I still lift 2ce a week in a oly gym.

3 scoops when i wake up with breakfast, 3 scoops after practice, 3 scoops before bed. Is the threat of estrogen really that bad, and that much of a impact on me?


Men stay away from soy because of the fear of possible estrogenic effects. I stay away from it if I can because its amino acid profile isn’t too great. Plus, you can probably buy bulk Whey protein for cheaper. So why bother?


Charles is the man…

Also, ingesting soy protein isolate for the sake of protein is redundant, as soy protein has inhibitors in it that stop your body from digesting proteins.