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Soy Protein and M

This is a funny question for some of the more experience physiologists on the list.

My brother is allergic to milk, eggs and all forms of dairy products. This means that there aren’t any sort of protein powders on the market that he can take since they all contain whey.

The thing is he recently found a soy based one that he can have. Now, we all know that soy is evil becuase it contains xenoestrogens. Here’s the question:

Would he be able to take M at the same time as he’s taking the soy protein to prevent it from having estrogenic effects on him?

The big reason this is an issue is because of the difficulty to be found in actually eating 300g of protein a day. Try it some time, without any sort of MRP then try it for a week. If he eats any more tuna the guy will start to grow gills.

Anyway, I appreciate the help on this one.


Tuna and chicken, my man, tuna aaand chicken. A 6 oz. piece of boneless skinless chicken breast contains 65 grams of protein. Chew on that cud for a while. 3 meals of tuna a day, 3 meals of chicken, his problems are solved.

Thanks for the response though according to foodfit and fitday a 6 oz chicken breast (net wt. before cooking) only contains about 35g of protein not 65g.

Plus that really doesn’t answer my question about soy and M, anyone got one for that? TIA


I currently eat 300g a day without using a powder. Tuna, chicken, buffalo, beef, and salmon are all on the menu.

There’s one supermarket near here that sells halves of salmon. Like, literally a salmon split in two. I’m going to try that for a while.

So it is possible. I don’t know about your other question.

I don’t know if M would “counteract” the soy situation…

What I was going to ask you was this: would a lactose-free whey-based powder work? How about a rice-based protein powder? Though I haven’t checked in awhile, I believe The Protein Factory (www.proteinfactory.com) has these items, and possibly some other viable options as well.

That would probably work. I posted a while back asking if anyone knew of any powders like that and all I got was people telling me to try Grow. Or to get him eating more protein. Both of which are ridiculous because they had nothing to do with the question.

However, I appreciate you letting me know about those options, I wasn’t aware of their existance. Thanks.


One thing to consider is Soy Free Veg Protein from Naturade. It’s a vegan protein blend which claims to have an amino acid comparable to whey. Though, it also contains mushroom and enzyme extracts which may aggravate allergies.