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Soy Produces Less Ammonia?

The following is an excerpt from a cycling nutrition website. I am a long distance cyclist, and need protein to prevent muscle breakdown and for fuel. This website suggests that whey is better for recovery, and that soy is better while on this bike. I need some nutritional gurus to help solve this puzzle.

The Benefits of Soy Protein

Soy protein is best used prior to and during exercise, primarily because it has less potential for producing ammonia, a primary cause of muscle fatigue. For general health benefits it’s hard to beat soy.

Also, as mentioned in the “Proper Caloric Intake” article, soy protein has a unique amino acid profile that suggests it’s the ideal protein to use during endurance exercise. Soy protein is stacked with a substantial proportion of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which your body readily converts for energy.

BCAAs and glutamic acid, another amino acid found in significant quantity in soy protein, also aid in the replenishing of glutamine within the body without the risk of ammonia production caused by orally ingested glutamine. Soy has high amounts of histidine, which is part of the beta-alanyl l-histidine dipeptide known as carnosine, which has antioxidant/acid buffering benefits.

Soy protein also has a high level of aspartic acid, which plays an important role in energy production via the Krebs cycle. Lastly, soy protein has higher levels of phenylalanine than does whey, which may aid in maintaining alertness during extreme ultra distance races.

no wonder most cyclist BALLS shrink.
geeze dude there are about a hundred articles on the website about the dangers of SOY. LOOK IT UP>…

If it produces less ammonia it must contain less protein / amino acids.

Soy sounds a bad thing to use when duribg or at the end of an endurence type workout / event. (T will be lowered not really a time to introduce Soy and its estroginic demonic ways)

[quote]Kill’Em All wrote:
no wonder most cyclist BALLS shrink.
geeze dude there are about a hundred articles on the website about the dangers of SOY. LOOK IT UP>…[/quote]

You’re not a very bright boy, are you? I am well aware of the effect of soy overall. You don’t intake much protein of any form on the bike, unless you want to throw up a lot. In a 6 hour bike ride I might consume 20g of protein.

My question is wether soy produces less AMMONIA than whey during intense endurance exercises. I can’t see how, but that’s why I’m asking.

I think you’re much better off consuming BCAAs while on the bike to minimize catabolism.

If you’re riding near your LT, you may not digest protein very well.

I’m working on throwing that into the mix as well. I’ve been trying different formulas this year for a 24 hour race coming up in october. On a recent 80 mile ride, I switched up my formula a bit to include a 3/4 scoop of whey and was surprised at how much more energy I had at the end of the ride. My next plan is to do the same, but add in BCAAs and Glutamine as well.