Soy or nothing?

I am eating all the protein I can afford, but I know I’m getting nowhere near 1g per pound of bodyweight. However, I have accest to some soy protein, my mom buys it. She has some Carb Solutions powder (soy as the first ingredient), and she recently bought me some soy powder and soy nuts. I told her I didn’t want soy, but she bought it anyway. My question is, would it be that detrimental to add some soy to help me get to the 1g per pound of bodyweight? I mean, I know what soy does, but I do need the protein. I sometimes mix a good protein powder and the Carb Solutions; and the soy nuts aren’t that bad. Your thoughts?

Well my friend, all things considered,if your
training very hard and “not” getting the proper
nutrition just go ahead and shoot yourself in
the foot! I mean you need to get protein and plenty of it.Whey,eggs,beef,chicken,nuts,a little soy,ok,just dont make it more than 25%
of your intake.Less if you can.Soys profile just isnt’ where we iron-junkies would like it.
Whey is certainly the winner here! Eggs are even better than soy!!! Cheap too! Good luck!

Listen, I’ve made some really, really, great gains w/out having to supplement. Just by eating eggs, red meat, chicken (usual suspects for protein). I suggest you just eat food if you can’t afford the quality supps. Skip the soy.

If you didn’t have any clean underwear in your drawer, would you borrow her panties and wear those?

How is it that a protein supplement (your soy) is more feasible than cottage cheese, milk or eggs???

Patman, hate to say this, but “I’m eating all the protein I can afford” sounds like a cop-out to me. If you take a good look at what you’re doing, I’m sure that you can find ways to: tighten up your budget, make more money, buy cheaper (good) protein, etc. If you’re buying any “real” food at all, AP is almost certainly cheaper. Generally tastes better, too. If you’re NOT buying any real food, then that means that you have allocated exactly NO money for food in your personal budget (i.e. your parents buy it all for you), and that could be changed as well. Take a look around, think outside the box. A solution will present itself.

Is your mom trying to turn you into ‘the little girl she never had’? Sorry, I shouldn’t bag on your mom, but maybe you should intensify your begging along the lines of "I know you want to help but if you are going to buy me protien, how 'bout a tub of whey? Please! Please! Please! Anyway, I agree with Barbell02, start raiding the local chicken coop’s. Nah, just start buying cases of eggs. Also eat any neighborhood pets, or migrant birds you can catch, just don’t get caught. Good luck!

stay away from soy.

Ouch! I guess that answers that question. I just thought that since it was free, a little bit wouldn’t be that bad. You’re right, I could probably afford more protein, but I’m just trying to save money. Thanks for the input.