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SOY or not?

Is Soy a good source of protien for T-men or not. I just saw an article that says Soy boosts muscle growth factor in men. (J. Nutr. 132:2605-2606 2002). The claim is that 40g of soy a day increased the IGF-1 leves by more than 20%. The study was done on men who were in their 60s.

I’m not 60, not for another 24 years. Is soy bad for men or good. I’d also heard that Soy protien surpressed T-levels.

Anyone have some cogent thoughts on any of this?

i think that i read that soy has some kind of estrogen pre-curser molecules in it and can convert to female hormones. i know that it is eaten by medapausal women sometimes.

Question is it best to leave soy out of ones diet or in?

Basically soy contains phytoestrogens which can not only increase estrogen but also lead to lower T levels.

To answer your question, basically my feeling is that for a 2 week Mag-10 cycle, overall calroies are one of the most important things, as is overal protein intake. Soy is not a great protein source, but it’s better than not getting enough protein.

Provided he makes sure he’s using the soy only to make up for gaps created by the inability to eat enough whole food, everything will work out.

By the way, another option would be to make complete proteins by combining food properly, much the way vegetarians do. Grains with lentils, etc. You can probably find a lot of information on this at some vegan websites.

Hope this helps.



read this http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/185soy.html

stay clear of it. Soy contains phytoestrogens which are precursors for estrogen. It binds to estrogen receptors in the body, which will result in lower testosterone levels. Interesting that the study was done on 60 year old men. Not to say that 60 year old men arent still sexually active…but if you are still looking to “plant your seed” so to speak, than soy wouldn’t be a good idea. Do a search on the search engine, I know that there are several articles pertaining to this topic in past issues. I think it is clear that the majority of people here would suggest to stear clear of soy and a source of protein. Whats wrong with tuna, beef, chicken, turkey, cottage cheese, whey, casein as your source of protein???

if you are a male, leave it out!

I have read Soy can possibly lower male test levels, thats enough for me to leave it out of my diet. Just to be safe I recomend leaving it out of your diet.

Interestingly, a friend-of-a-friend has been put on a zero-soy diet by her oncologist as part of an attempt to keep estrogen levels down after a bout with breast cancer.

Thanks for all the answers guys. I guess it’s NO soy, which is what I’ve been doing for a year now.


I did a search on engine as you suggested it said nothing about soy…

I can’t get the search engine to save my life anymore. Use Google to locate the articles you need. Or just read this: