Soy One for Men

I’ve read a lot now about how soy protein is bad for you. A few months ago when I hadn’t done much reading, a salesperson at a nutrition store sold me Soy One for Men and I took her word for it that this was a great product for men. I’m cheap and I don’t like throwing things out. I have almost the whole container left. If you were me, would you use it or stay away from any soy supplements? Here’s the link to the product:

Is that the protein powder stuff? im too lazy to click the link but i think ive heard of it before.

Do you still have your recipt? Try and take that shit back. see on the bottle if it has a garentee (sp?). If it does then the store has to take it back based on your dissatisfaction.

Stay away from soy protein. Soybean oil is ok though.

I hate those sales people bastards. the only good one is the guy a ‘popeyes’ because he doesn’t sell me anyhting i don’t want and he’s always giving me free shit like protein bars and little shakers.


dump it out and tinkle on it


Thanks! I figured that’s what you’d say. Unfortunately I don’t have the receipt. I’ll just throw the stuff out. I went back to the store yesterday to get a different product and she tried to sell me something with soy in it. I told her I’ve read a lot of bad things about soy and she agreed and said that’s why she’s stays away from it herself. I was thinking, why on earth did you just try to sell it to me then?! Jeez! I go there only because they have the biggest quantity and cheapest prices among nutrition stores in my area.

[quote]Bonn1997 wrote:
I was thinking, why on earth did you just try to sell it to me then?! [/quote]

Because it’s her job to sell, it’s your job to look after yourself and know your shit. Suck it up.