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Soy One for Men


I've read a lot now about how soy protein is bad for you. A few months ago when I hadn't done much reading, a salesperson at a nutrition store sold me Soy One for Men and I took her word for it that this was a great product for men. I'm cheap and I don't like throwing things out. I have almost the whole container left. If you were me, would you use it or stay away from any soy supplements? Here's the link to the product:


Is that the protein powder stuff? im too lazy to click the link but i think ive heard of it before.

Do you still have your recipt? Try and take that shit back. see on the bottle if it has a garentee (sp?). If it does then the store has to take it back based on your dissatisfaction.

Stay away from soy protein. Soybean oil is ok though.

I hate those sales people bastards. the only good one is the guy a 'popeyes' because he doesn't sell me anyhting i don't want and he's always giving me free shit like protein bars and little shakers.



dump it out and tinkle on it



Thanks! I figured that's what you'd say. Unfortunately I don't have the receipt. I'll just throw the stuff out. I went back to the store yesterday to get a different product and she tried to sell me something with soy in it. I told her I've read a lot of bad things about soy and she agreed and said that's why she's stays away from it herself. I was thinking, why on earth did you just try to sell it to me then?! Jeez! I go there only because they have the biggest quantity and cheapest prices among nutrition stores in my area.


Because it's her job to sell, it's your job to look after yourself and know your shit. Suck it up.