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Soy no more!

Ok, I haven’t had a problem with it before but I gave it up for good! Occasionally drinking soymilk (being lactose intolerant) wasn’t something I veiwed as dangerous to my nutsack but TC (and some loyal forumites) have convinced me to give it up all together. No soy, none, never. Now when I eat sushi I’m just going to have to put a shit load a wasbi on it and no soy sauce. If an ingredient says partially hydrogenated soy bean oil I’ll forcefully puke it back up. I’m off to sit on the shitter for hours on end when I drink milk once again but NO MORE SOY! Now to get on with the prospect of having an affair with my dream woman- even while I was drinking soy I would have lied to a woman’s face, “No, that idea sounds horrible. Why would I sleep with some gorgeous stranger? That is so immoral I think I might go buy some more soy.” All the while a huge grin on my face knowing that kind of BS might actually land this one until I do find that playmate, in which case I’ll suggest all of us enjoy the affair together. So let those other buggers drink thier soy and have their nuts shrink until thier scrotums look like old man’s earlobes. Hey I guess that means more dream girls looking for an affair with me!

You are on crack! Thanks have a nice day. Ciao. :slight_smile: