Soy Milk?

  1. I’ve read that Soy milk can contribute to fat retention? anyone heard of this?

  2. any opinions on soy milk? i know this is going to lead to a debate regarding estrogen/testosterone levels. from what I’ve read, the studies are inconclusive about this…

I drink soy milk. I cannot drink regular milk. I have not noticed any fat retention. I only drink 8oz a day though. As long as your not tanking down glass after glass, i dont believe there will be any issues. I switch from soy to rice milk from week to week.

there’s mixed opinions on soy; it contains a class of chemicals known as isoflavones, which may (or may not) have estrogenic effects on the body. there have been definitive links between soy and health problems in animals. More research needs to be done before the answers are recorded in the record books.

Point is, if you drink a glass of soy milk will you turn into a woman? Unlikely. However, if you try to replace a significant portion of your normal protein intake with soy will you see no adverse side effects? Unlikely.

Vegan bodybuilders usually use soy as their primary source of protein. I doubt it’s that bad. I use a cup in my smoothie everyday. I haven’t grown boobs or turned into a girl. I think there’s a lot of unnecessary paranoia and misinformation out there. I’d use it in moderation just to be on the safe side. If you were using it exclusively then I’d do more research on the stuff.

If your body can tolerate regular milk then i would stick with that.

Hear are a few good articles on Soy. You might have to join to read the articles, but it is free.

My $.02…

If it has “soy” in the name, I don’t put it in my body. The substantive reasons for this are nutritional but, even before I learned the chemistry behind the bean I knew I wanted nothing to do with soy products based on the smells that soy bean processing plants produce. Any thing that smells that bad can’t be good for you.

Any yes, soy bean processing plants smell worse than meat packing plants. Ask anyone who has lived in a city with both.

thanks guys…

how about organic soy milk?

Just quick bit of trivia: the FDA refuses to give soy products GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status.

Here’s a snippet from the Modern Forager blog

"So what’s so bad about soy? How about goitrogens, protease inhibitors, phytoestrogens (hooray for emasculation!), and too much aluminum and manganese?

And let’s not forget about the unusable vitamin B12 in soy that actually makes the body need more B12, the increase in the body�??s need for vitamin D, and phytic acid which reduces the body’s use of calcium, magnesium, zinc, and other important minerals. The soy products in your supermarket are rife with these problem constituents…"

Also, soy, like corn, is a commodity grain that is subsidized by the government (i.e. by you, the taxpayer) so that it is artificially cheap, and therefore finds itself on shelves everywhere claiming to be health food.