SOY Milk!

Get this, my 16 year old brother started drinking soy milk. He’s mildly lactose intolerant, so I can understand why he won’t drink real milk. I tried to explain to him the problems soy can cause, especially to someone like him who is still growing. But he is one of those people who will never admit it if they are wrong. Any advice?

And he is drinking milk, why? Protein (better sources). Calicum (better sources). Something to put on his Wheatie? (You shoudl know by now how T-men very that kind of thing).
So does he know why his is drinking milk?
Best of Luck.

I was vegan for 5 years and drank tons of soy milk. The soy actually isn’t his biggest concern, but the fact that its easy to pound through that stuff and its full of sugar. Unsweetened soy or rice milk would not taste very good, so they put sugar in it most of the time. So he runs the risk of becoming a little chunkier if he drinks too much of it. Honestly, I’m very skeptical about the overall effect of soy milk on someones testosterone balance - unless it were their primary protein source. I would assume they are getting more of it from other sources and hopefully getting a lot of good exercise/lifestyle habits. Maybe I’m wrong and that last tofu with brocoli and garlic sauce from No. 1 Kitchen is gonna give me a ragin case of gyno…

hey if he wont admit he’s wrong let him suffer the consequences. At least you should have some chubby tits to look at. He probably got his advice / knowledge from some pussy know it all he hangs out with. Soon they’ll all be staying home to play with their tits.

The isoflavones and phytoestogens in soy that we are told are so great are in truth like taking mild doses of estrogen. They help to prevent breast cancer, but in truth they promote cancer throughout the entire gi tract. Soy also inhibits your calcium and vit. D absorption. Recent studies in europe and australia have revealed that soy infant formulas promote premature development in females and retard the development of male characteristics in males. Soy was originally used in crop rotations in china to increase the nitrogen content in the soil it was only eaten by the poor in times of famine. Soy has only recently been mass produced due to the fact that it is so easy to grow. All the good stuff you may have heard about soy is a direct result of the soy industry studies.Recent Independent studies by Fallon and emig as well as european and australian researchers show that soy was not meant for human consumption.studies

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