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Soy Milk For Males?


I have read on here that soy protein is bad for males because of the estrogen effect that can have on the body.

With that being said, is this the same case for the soy milk that I use to make some of my fruit and peanut butter shakes?





Humm? Thanks arrow! Well then, does anybody have any other recomendations of a liquid that I could use insted of milk or soy milk for my fruit/penut drinks?



Just use protein powder and water Vanilla would probably be good in that mixture...


Nothing wrong with using dairy milk. Just don't use soy milk.


Yeah-are you lactose intolerant or something? Watching carbs in that meal = look into Hood Carb Countdowm Milk.


Hell Yea, you guys R.O.C.K! Thanks for the info.

As far as the milk goes, I dont want anything from a hormone pumped, non grass fed cow!

Furthermore; from my research, in the long scope of things milk from a cow isnt natural or healthy as the Government makes milk out to be.


Amateur Athleate


Better not touch that soy! You'll grow breasts,go bald,murder six people,and die of cancer if you drink one cup of soy milk.It's very bad for you.You know you should stay away from bad things. By the way,would you like some steroids?


Please go away.


Try some raw/organic milk then.They are grass fed and don't contain growth hromones,steroids,or any other chemicals that are usually used.


LOL instead you opt for soy milk that is from genetically enhanced plants that have been coated and covered with various chemicals to fight bug, disease, and enhance growth. Then is squeezed heated and highly processed to make Milk from something that doesnt make milk.



Organic fermented soy is different than "normal" soy milk.