Soy Making Kids Gay?

well whether it does or not , outside T-Nation people who like soy comment on this article with inhuman rage and CAPS

the funnies one was (translated form Hebrew)
“I eat soy all the time and I am horny all the time and guess why my 12(4.8 inches or so) cm penis isn’t small like they say this is so idiotic and stupid homophobic and full of hatred I wish the monkey that wrote it would be shot what a moron”

goddammit I hate soy they started putting it EVERYWHERE even if the law makes them label it with a warning , and people get more sissified as it gets and those bastards actually VOTE

how the fuck do we stop it?


so I decided to get it here what do you peeps think about it?

You can’t stop stupidity. The metrosexuals shall inherit the earth.

“12(4.8 inches or so) cm penis isn’t small like they say”

Made me laugh.

I doubt it’s soy, though. Homosexuality has been around literally forever, and I don’t see how many ancient civilizations could have had access to soy. Just because it seems more prevalent now doesn’t mean it is, it just means it’s more accepted and people are open now.

maybe , but maybe when we are all in our 60s they will be like those castrated servants to us ,

like were the big ants\queens and there the workers

I smell conspiracy

In light of all this pro-gay movments that are happening, I am surprised they dont encourage kids at school to eat soy. That way the gay kids wouldnt have to feel like a minority anymore. We could all be happily fucking each other in the ass ever after.

(I am writing this because I just read some thread about some kid getting suspended for saying “that is so gay”)