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Soy Links

I have an English assignment where i have to choose a modern day monster, “figuratively speaking” and do a research paper on it. So I decided to choose soy on male as my topic. I need as many sources as i can find supporting the negative effects of soy. I know of the articles on t-mag, but can anyone post links to outside sources as well? scientific studies? actualexperiments done that i can access online?, the more links or clues you can give me the better I can show the mainstream that soy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Thanks guys!

Look at the end of the T-mag articles for the cited studies.

First, make sure you read all three soy articles at T-mag:

  1. Bad Protein

  2. Soy is Still Bad Protein (shitty title, huh?)

  3. The Evils of Soy

Then try this site for outside info:



I have obtained plenty of useful knowledge from reading T-Mag. Perhaps the most important of all was the eye opener on Soy!


Wow! thanks Chris for the site, there’s so much information.

You can always “google it” with key phrases such as “the evils of soy protein”, or “soy - good or bad?”, or “how soy can kill you and your entire family, and destroy the entire human race”.

Well, you get the picture.