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Soy Lecithrin

I was looking at the ingredients on Low-Carb Grow! and soy lecithrin is an ingerdient. Having just read articles on the dangers of soya, was wondering if this is a by-product of soya??

soy lecithin is just lecithin derived from soy, lecithin is egg yolks and other vegetable products.

edit: I meant lecithin is also found in egg yolks and vegetables.

The only time it should be a problem for you is if you are allergic to soy.

so Soy Lecithin doesn’t have any of the phyto-estrogens that full soy has?


no it doesn’t

Excerpt from the Protein Magic thread:

Kent Lorenz wrote:
Hey, I don’t mean to be a pain, but I was looking at the ingredients of the new Chocolate Micellar Grow!, and I noticed there is soy in it. I was surprised considering T-Nation’s stance on the stuff. I’m actually just wondering why its there (I also noticed that it’s not in the Vanilla, so I’m assuming it’s for flavoring) and how much is in there.

Atomic Dog wrote:
We’ve talked about this before, but I’m sure you ddn’t see the posts.

Lecithin is an ingredient found in almost all, if not all protein-based drinks. As I recall, it helps the powder mix with liquid (so it doesn’t form a solid island on top of your milk or water).

This lecithin is derived from soy but it has nothing to do with soy protein or the isoflavones in soy we advise people to avoid.

Rest easy; we wouldn’t do that to you!