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Soy Lecithin

I just purchased some protein (Optimum Nutrition - it was very affordable)and noticed one of the ingredients to be soy lecithin.
Could this be a problem with estrogen?

I’m guessing the quantity of soy lecithin is so small especially in a single serving of protein that the amount of isoflavones consumed would be miniscule and I wouldn’t worry about it. The amount of isoflavones in pure soy protein would probably be 1000’s of times more and that is the problem. The quantity is to small to be concerned with i would think.

I’m not exactly sure, it all depends how much soy is in this product. One thing to remember, if you didn’t already know, is that the ingredients on the RDA food information label are listed according to their content in the product; i.e: the first ingredient listed is the most abundant, the second ingredient is the seconds most abundant etc… So if the soy is towards the end of the list I would assume it’s okay.

A question was posed about soy lecithin a while back. (Do a search.) The general opinion seemed to be that since it’s just the lecithin, not the soy protein, it should be OK. I’ve been taking a lot of lecithin (you can buy it in granules) for phosphatidyl choline and inositol. It had better be OK.

I accidentally made the mistake of ordering that crap (girlfriend getting brands mixed)and its a horrible product, just wait till you try mixing it. And then I found another pleasant surprise when I examined the label, its advertised as a whey product but has fucking soy in it!