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Soy in Udo's?

I was just reading over the ingredients in Udo’s Choice, and it lists soy lecithin. I know a lot of bodybuilders who swear by Udo’s because it tastes better, and was thinking about trying it myself. Reading this makes me very hesitant, though. Does anyone know if Udo’s has estrogenic properties because soy is included?

Eric poses a question that I’ve been wondering about too. Because it tends to be relatively “inexpensive”, it seems like Soy is one of those things that is slowly “sneaking” into the food supply either as an additive or main ingredient. (I hesitated in buying some Lecithin Granules because of it).

As an extension to Eric’s question, I guess my question is whether or not these small amounts fall under the catagory of things that ultimately won’t make too much of a difference in our goals? Mufasa

Just a “bump” for Eric’s question…

Guys, I’m pretty sure that you’re not getting any of those nasty isoflavones from soy lecithin. As far as I know, you need a fairly complete soy source (ie, a protein powder) to get a significant amount that will have any estrogenic effects.