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Soy in school burgers???

Is there soy in the burgers at my high school? I live in Arkansas, so if any of you know, please tell me. I just found out today that some schools put soy in their meat, so as you can imagine I’m scared shitless seeing as how I’ve eaten two burgers a day for the past 6 months.

regardless of whether or not they have soy in them they are still shit. bring your own lunch. if you have a foreman grill, you can make 2 half pound burgers in 10 minutes before school or the night before and it comes out to about the same price as those 1 ounce school burgers.

If it really concerns you that much, stop eating the burgers. Personally, I think the whole ‘evil soy’ thing is a little overblown, and if you ain’t sprouting bitch tits or seeing your progress halt in the gym, I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over this. And chances are, that for the price of the burgers you could just buy yourself a good MRP.

Ask in the cafeteria if there is soy in the burgers.

Soy scares you shitless??? Come on. It won’t kill you. You need to take everything you read with a little grain of salt.

Arkansas? I’d be more worried about horse meat or stray dogs in the school burgers…

Contrary to all the hype, soy is not as bad as everyone would like you to believe. As a vegan, I have been consuming soy for several years and I am doing just fine. No bitch tits, feminzing effects etc. See my article at:
http://www.vegsource.com/ articles/mahler_weightlift.htm

No offense, Mike, but I think I’ll go with the T-mag experts and all the new studies showing many varied negative effects of soy rather than the opinion of one vegetarian who basically says, “It hasn’t hurt me yet.”


No offense taken and I understand your concerns. -

Mike Mahler

Don’t worry about it. Soy won’t hurt you.