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Soy Formula


Anyone here either know someone or was themself given Soy Infant Formula, and if so, have they had to deal with any of the issues that have become a possible convern from it (thyroid problems, low testosterone, poor memory/focus/concentration/motivation, erection problems, hypospadias, low sex drive, depression, etc etc)?

I am 26 and have been dealing with many issues for most of my life, and have wondered for a long time if soy formula that my mother (moronic doctor told my mom NOT to breast feed, and I was allergic to cows milk) gave me might be at least a contributing factor.

I'm an endomorph, in pretty good shape mostly from busting my ass but struggle with food issues/obsession. Recent blood work from a few months ago showed low testosterone (about in range of a 60yr old), High total estrogen, hypothyroidism mainly by low T3 and T3 uptake (high binding globulin), Adrenal Fatigue (AM saliva cortisol was very low, out of the given range, from ZRT Labs), and low monocytes, among other things.

Long standing issues include depression (often severe), total fear of rejection (almost impossible to approach women even w/ evidence they are interested, although I still do well meeting), big time OCD, very forgetful, extreme difficulty getting motivated to do things outside of my dieting and workouts, low energy, almost no sex drive and poor sexual function w/ limited help from ED drugs, body dysmorphic disorder, extreme shyness and introversion, overcame an eating disorder (bulimia) etc.


I had to put my little boy on soy formuls he was allergic to cows milke, he;s only two but he's gaining weight and is normal, He's aggressive like most little boys should be and he definately has attitude so I don't think it had any affect on him. He also wakes up after a nap to go potty and has a ragin boner for a 2 year old so, I don't know what to tell you.



Totally fucked up dude.

You talk about food obession, and being an endomorph. And then about depression.

Now it could be just you are genetically predisposed to it. I mean, it sounds like your mum was pretty stupid for listening to such crap from her quack/doctor (people knew breastfeeding was king back then). Perhaps you inherited some of her genes.

Perhaps being put on soy formula did it too. The is a lot of evidence that formula babies generally grow up to be sickly, depressed, slightly dumber etc etc...

Who knows what caused your problems. They sound more serious than most people's anyway. What you need to do is obvious. get the doctor to keep treating you, look after your health and do things to make yourself happy.

Best of luck to you man. I hope all goes well for you.


My son is currently on soy formula and he is one years old. I haven't noticed anything bad happening with him. I am getting ready to try and switch him over to whole milk.

I avoid soy to be on the safe side, but some lifters use soy and claim that it hasn't caused any ill effects for them.

Also there is/was a lot of soy consumption in Asia and the guys over there are okay I would imagine.

I hope you can solve your problems, maybe the formula contributed to your problems, maybe it didn't. Keep at it until you can get some kind of resolution to your problem.

Good luck bro!!


Formula, whether it is made from soy or whatever is not the issue here.

Scientologists are against breastfeeding and recommend the following formula:

15 ounces of barley water, 10 ounces of homogenized milk, 3 ounces Karo syrup.

Its totally fucked up. The world health organisation recommends nothing but breast milk for one year in developed countries and two years in non-developed countries. 6 months should be an absolute minimum.

You know... when you were at school, there were these kids who always missed sports, cos they sucked at it, they were weak and/or fat, sickly as well. They spent sport time in the library. Funnily enough, despite this they were also dumb. Lazy, depressed, fat and dumb. Nothing going for them.

Meet the formula kids.

Maybe its not just the formula, it's also got to do with the parents who pick formula over breastfeeding for a decent amount of time. At least 99.9% of women are perfectly capable of breastfeeding. They need proper support from the husband or family network. Its cheaper than formula too, and theres no packaging to throw away after.

Those who decide not to, are nearly always doing it for some sortof convenience reason or just plain ignorance. What kindof kids will that produce?

Maybe the father or mother cite a reason of not wanting stretched out nipples? Will breastfeeding make your hooters worse? Probably.
They should ask themselves this: what will be worse for your sex life?
Slightly saggier tits? Or having a dumb as shit loser kid?

If breastfeeding for a sufficient amount of time was to produce a kid who was just 5% smarter, 5% stronger and fitter and got sick half as often, does not any decent parent totally owe this to their kid? As the kid goes through life, that 5% gap becomes bigger because they are more motivated to use their attributes, over the kid who struggles with sports and academia.

Formula has a place, only in extreme medical circumstances though. Other than that, its a shithouse substitute for the real thing. Soy or not.


check to make sure the formula doesn't contain any hydrogenated vegetable oil - some of them do.


I agree with much of what perseng said.

I'm currently taking a class on nutrition throughout the life cycle, and right now I'm learning about lactation. All I can say is HOLY CRAP! Breastmilk is awesome. (hehe)

I'll share a little of what I know in case anyone is interested.

Benefits to the mother:
-increased levels of oxytocin that contract the uterus, returning it to prepregnancy shape
-lowered risk of ovarian and breast cancer
-delayed return of fertility
-possible (read: POSSIBLE) aide in weight loss (Breastfeeding requires more kcalories than pregancy.)

Benefits to baby:
-perfect ratio of all essential nutrients, including lower protein so as to not overload immature kidneys with nitrogen
-contains nonprotein nitrogen for production of amino acids, hormones, growth factors, nucleotides, and carnitine
-high in essential fatty acids and DHA, which promotes cognitive development and good vision
-enhances availability of minerals because they are protein-bound
-contain polysaccharides that enhance growth of bifidus bacteria and inhibit growth of E.coli
-easily digestible (small curd)
-contains enzymes to aide in digestion
-contains immunoglobulins and lymphocytes that (1) protect infants' gastrointesinal tract from pathogens, (2) cultivate growth of intestinal flora, (3) enhance immunity to both acute and chronic diseases, (4) enhance immune responce to immunizations and RSV, (5) reduces risk of allergy
-reduces rick of SIDS
-results in a leaner infant at 1 year of age

Benefits to society (shown in various studies)
-reduced medical costs
-greater productivity in the workplace by mothers who don't need to stay home to care for sick children

Judging by all this, there seems like there would be little excuse for a mother not to breastfeed. However, there are still a lot of external barriers, such as conflicts with workplaces. Also, a lot of women just don't know enough about breastfeeding to make a wise decision. They see bottle-feeding portrayed as the norm and advertisements for formula everywhere. Even hospitals give free samples when new mothers are discharged. THere are currently several initiatives being made to make breastfeeding more acceptable and easier for working mothers to do.

Sorry if that was information overload. I just think it's really cool.


I wouldnt do it.

If I had to I would make sure it was Free of the isolate soy. While yes there is eveidence on Both sides I wouldnt take the chance with some of the studies and the effects on not only adults but worse younguns.

There are several great articles here and all over the net with a simple search. Be aware of who funded the studies as well on BOTH sides. Like the Huge soy boards touting the benefit and milk boards on the other side try and sort the cream from the crop and look at the ones not swayed so much by powerful lobbies.

Best of luck,