Soy Formula Impact on Hormones?

Anyone care to chime in? I recently discovered that I was given soy formula as a baby because I was “lactose intolerant”, I was horrified to discover this. Needless to say I began reading up on this subject and a lot of the long term effects of soy formula seem to connect to me. I feel really and angry and pissed off about this. I feel like a damn guinea pig and I even feel slightly scornful at my parents for allowing this to happen… Some long term effects of soy formula from what I read include:

1.) hormonal imbalance during developmental and pubertal years/ precocious puberty for girls.
2.) food allergies/ colitis- I’m allergic to almost every food now, I rely on unseasoned meat and rice for all meals.
3.) Eczema- I’ve got chicken skin for Christ sakes
4.) psychosexual issues- well not for me, but my thinking is sometimes very emotional and I hate it.

As for concrete proof of some hormonal issues, my testosterone is in the measly range of 570-600, and free T barely in the 100s. I’m only 19, mind you, also my estrogen is sky high (100/115) I don’t know about E2 but it must be high as well. I also have had mild gynecomastia for as long as I can remember and I’ve always had baby fat despite being relatively skinny my entire life. I think I can safely assume I am a failed experiment. Clint Eastwood has always been my hero, but it sucks cause I’m the exact opposite of him and I feel all pussy-like.

Moral of this story, if y’all ever have kids; don’t ever feed them soy as infants. Maybe my issues have to do a little with genetics as well but I feel like our ignorant society is most to blame for our increasing problems; especially the health industry. I bet it was my stupid pediatrician who told my mom there was no issue feeding me soy milk; because the FDA approved it, omg, clueless quacks. The good news is that the prevalence of soy formula sales has been cut in half since 1999, but crazy to think it made up a quarter of formula sales at one point.

In the day, the estrogen like properties were not understood.

You need to post your labs with ranges, in list form please, and read the advice for new guys sticky and list more info


Labs needed:
cholesterol [to see if too low]
AM cortisol [at 8AM] if you have low energy

Check your body temperature when you first wake up AND in the mid-afternoon and post here. Describe if you have always used iodized salt. If body temps are good and you have always used iodized salt, you might be able to skip TSH, fT3, fT4 labs.

How do you react to stress events?