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Soy for Women

I havent read all of the articles about Soy on here… But from what I know its bad news for T levels. So since women have lower T-levels and don’t need it as much as men, would it be okay for them to use soy as a protein sourcE?

I have read that studies showed increasing chances of brain and breast cancer in women consuming foods containing unfermented or unprocessed soy. Someone else might be able to provide more.

Have you read this one? Lots of info here about women and soy:


I used to consume quite a bit of soy products. When I switched to whey and animal protein sources I dropped a considerable amount of body fat without changing anything else in my diet or workout. So, from a fitness stand point, I wouldn’t suggest use of soy to protein requirements - at least not on a regular basis. In moderation, it’s probably alright.