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Soy Foods. Very healthy?

I have read about Soy. All those experiments
are not 100% acurrate. The induvidial blood type was not taken into account. Blood type is newest breakthrough in medicine. Basicly speaking, Meat is good for one kind of people and totally bad for others. Ingesting lots of carbs bad? No! For some people ingesting lots of protein is bad and carbs are good.

For about 60% of people Soy may be bad. But for the rest it is highly beneficial. Unfortunately no study takes blood type into account, and thus the results are not that good. Anyone read
“Eat right 4 your type” ? or Live Right 4 Your type?

this is gonna be fun to watch…

Hang on for my next book, “Eat Right for Your Skin Color.” I have breakthrough observations as to what foods are best for what ethnic groups, and disastrous for others.

I plan to follow this up with, “Eat Right for Your Hair Color,” “Eat Right for Your Eye Color,” “Eat Right for Your Bellybutton Type,” etc. I’ll make millions!!!

If you haven’t, read the three soy articles at T-mag. A search on “soy” at T-mag (not here at the forum) should help you out. As far as the blood type stuff, of course a person would lose weight if they start a diet and had not been on one before, regardless of the type of diet or blood type. I’ll bet all the diets in that book require that you eat lower calories i.e. the “duh” factor.

Bill, can I get signed copies?

Bill, I’m hispanic, almost white, but not white, black hair, and brown eyes. What do you recomend for me? Does it makes any difference that I have long fingers? I’m also a hairy guy, but no hair on the back. Thanks for your help.

I’m right behind you, Bill, with “Eat right for your Penis Type.” The smaller your wee-wee, the more soy you can eat :slight_smile:

This guy has got to be trolling…

Here’s an anti-“testimonial” for the Eat Right for Your Type diet. A guy at work swore he lost 70 lbs of fat doing nothing but that diet (He was type O) and knowing him before and after, I have to say he looked a lot better. BUT, and this is a big BUT, I tried the diet (I’m type B) and absolutely nothing happened! Not a damn thing for me. Not one damn thing. Sure there’s some interesting stuff in there (black elderberry extract really DOES help with colds and flu, for me) but the plan just doesn’t work consistently.

Sorry Bill, but I’ve already copyrighted my version of the “Eat Right For Your Skin Color” and its going to the printers as I type. I’ve put many minutes of research into this book and will defend my copyright.

Bill, I may be interested in collaberating on the follow up books if we can be done by noon.

I wonder if prehistoric man, ancient cultures and indiginous people new how to " eat for there  blood type". I'll bet after a long successful wooly mamoth hunt, there were those in the tribe who insinctively knew that meat was not good for there particular blood type. They would politely decline there share of the kill and instead roast up some yummy grass burgers. Yah I think eating for your blood type absolutely makes sense.

Actually eating for your race does have more implications than eating for your blood type. People of darker skin color tend to have dairy allergies. Blacks tend to get fat on rice (got that from Serrano)…Indians don’t handle carbs worth a shit etc. As far as blood type goes it does have some significance with beans due to the differing lectins. Dr. Mercola has some good info on this over at mercola.com

My eyes are tearing from laughing at this thread. Bottom line, if you don’t want to be fat - eat less, exercise more. Kelly wrote something about blacks rice and getting fat. Well if you are black, or white or indian or asian and you eat too much rice - you will get fat!

When will people learn to trust themselves and work hard for what they want?

Can you imagine all the money that people waste on dopey products like this book? Like P.T. Barnam said . . . .