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Soy Essentially Worthless


From WebMD, no less:


"An analysis of close to 200 soy studies conducted over the past two decades showed only limited evidence of specific health benefits associated with eating soy products or taking soy supplements."

The reduction in LDL cholesterol was shown to be only 3%, which in my opinion can be attributed to simple junk food displacement. Although soy's effectiveness in reducing hot flashes in menopausal women seemed to have the most potential, the results were far too inconsistent to be considered definitive.


No offense to you dude...this is not aimed directly at you but the idiots that took more than 5 years to figure that out...



I just read an article on 90+ yearold Jack Lalanne, he drinks a shake every morning with 150 grams of soy protein. WTF?


There are also centurions who smoke. Sometimes people do well despite some bad decisions.



lol...5 yrs to provide scientific evidence? What about the many more years people used soy and still use it and promote it as a miracle?


Soy is so evil.


Let's not leave them out either, shall we? =P


Soy is high is estrogen and it turns me into a raging BITCH. I don't do soy.


Soy is defenitly out of my diet but come on... the estrogen in it is not that potent to turn you right away into a raging bitch! It's simply not that potent. Besides, esting it in rare occasions does no harm.


Alright, no big suprise soy protein is bad for guys. However, some guy was just on this forum (or SatMA) last week saying lecithin gives you huge loads? This also bogus?