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Soy Eaters Make Better Lovers

Ha ha ha… NO!


Studies have shown that soy basiclly turns you into a bitch…

I guess because they’re more in touch with their feminine side.

[quote]Reef wrote:
I guess because they’re more in touch with their feminine side.[/quote]

I touch my feminine side every chance I get!

[quote]Kailash wrote:
Ha ha ha… NO!


to other men…

I laughed, but deep down, this annoys me. This kind of propaganda is convincing the sheeple to take something that we all know is bad for their health.

It’s pretty disgusting really. I equate it to smoking back in the 50s.

hey guys i think that person that wrote it was a woman.I think.So maybe it could make woman more wild?But I don’t really know shit. Except one time i went fishing and caught nothing but sting ray so I figured I would eat it and it made me have a hard on for about an hour. So fuck soy eat sting ray.just kidding.

I work at a restaurant with some vegans who’re probably harder on soy/tofu’s dick than any of these folks. I love the little propoganda they try to throw at me.

Me: “I gotta head over to GNC to get my shit”
Hippie: “GNC is stupid, man. They’re vitamins aren’t as pure as the ones you can find at the co-op. That’s the best place for vitamins.”
Me: “They got creatine and Whey?”
Other Hippie: “No. And soy is better for you than Whey. It’s natural.”

But I agree soy makes you a bitch. Every vegan I’ve met’s hella two-faced. I credit soy and tofu.

Why can’t thoose vegans shut up and eat white beans and oatmeal for g-d sake?

it’s a good source of protein too.

I think the soy thing is more then just VEGAN propaganda , it’s pussy propaganda!

anyway, I now see a trend within procecced foods and vegan burgers away from soy …
recently I bought a vegan burger that used wheat and oat protein…

tastes better then meat actually

and theres a vegiterian one that uses egg protein as well… (but I;d rather have eggs then that)